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5 (100+ Reviews)

Lynk Performance

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Vacuum Pump

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Vacuum Pump

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  • The Excelsior combines a powerful motor and sturdy design, setting the standard in enhancement and enjoyment.
  • Features smart technology with an LCD screen for easy monitoring of performance metrics.
  • Versatile speed/settings, including manual and Smart Mode for personalized use and growth enhancement.
  • Includes comfort and stroker sleeves, offering dual functionality for performance and pleasure.
The Excelsior stands out as the premier choice in enhancement, combining unparalleled power with a sleek, durable design. This top-tier device is engineered with industrial-strength materials, ensuring it meets the needs of the most demanding users.

Equipped with cutting-edge smart technology, The Excelsior is designed for superior performance, featuring a large, back-lit LCD screen that displays essential metrics like vacuum pressure, usage time, and battery life. This allows users to monitor their progress and adjust settings with ease.

The device offers extensive customization options, from manual control for direct power management to a Smart Mode that optimizes settings for ideal results. The smart functionality also includes a feature that adjusts vacuum pressure automatically, designed to enhance efficiency.

Included with The Excelsior are accessories designed to maximize usability and satisfaction, ensuring a seamless and enhanced user experience. This product sets the standard for those who seek the best in class, refusing to compromise on quality or performance.
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Revolutionizing Men's Wellness

Enhance your confidence with the Excelsior wellness device, crafted to empower you with the tools necessary for reaching your optimal wellness goals.

Achieve Consistent Results with Ease

The Excelsior features innovative Smart Memory Technology, allowing you to retain your optimal settings for a hassle-free experience. Perfect for enhancing your wellness routine, ensuring you're ready when it matters most.

Maximum Efficiency for Maximum Gains

The soft silicone sleeve is extremely comfortable and creates the perfect air-tight seal for maximum effectiveness each time.

Wellness Can Feel Great

For enhanced comfort and an upgraded experience, The Excelsior comes with an interchangeable, soft sleeve made from body-safe material. This feature is designed to offer a natural sensation, elevating your personal wellness routine. The sleeve is not only versatile, it's fun.


  • The most powerful handheld electric pump available

  • Features a manual mode or smart auto mode for unlimited pump possibilities

  • Designed to take your wellness routine to the next level

  • 100% flame polished acrylic cylinder

  • Anti-air leaking technology allows you get the results you desire

  • Brilliant oversized backlit digital LCD screen for easy reading

  • Automatic pressure adjustments at the push of a button help you get the job done

  • Includes an electronic quick-release valve for safety and peace of mind



5 (100+ Reviews)


Definitely does the trick. Good job

Mike Y.

Ive tried other brands including bathmate, this pump blows the rest out of the water. VERY strong suction. I like the soft stroker sleeve the best.

Derek L.

I followed the instructions and it works just like you want, air tight seal so once you get it on , it holds the desired pressure. The flange at the base is very comfortable. I also like that it's clear tubing , so I can see what's going on better with the growing of my unit.

Mark D.

Regular pumps never were large enough to accommodate me, but this XL pump provides the extra length and width I’ve been looking for. Very happy with results.

John J.


Are pumps safe to use?

When used correctly, using a wellness pump is a safe way to combat ED and improve your vitality.

How long can I use the Excelsior for?

The recommended limit for any vacuum device is 30 minutes. After that, the frequency of use is down to the individual. As long as you take reasonable breaks between sessions and show no sign of bruising, pain, or discomfort, you're free to enjoy the benefits as often as you see fit.

Will this increase my size?

The Excelsior will temporarily increase your size due to the increased blood flow. However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that they can lead to permanent size increases.

Should I use a constriction ring with this pump?

For optimal results with our wellness device, incorporating a support ring is suggested to maintain and enhance firmness. This approach aids in achieving a more substantial and enduring effect, contributing to your overall satisfaction and confidence in use.

Does this come with a warranty?

Yes! All Lynk Performance products include a 1 year manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind.


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